The Institute of Economics (IE) is a research center of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) with 65 researchers from the UC3M and other universities and research institutions.

The goal of IE is to promote a research of international quality in the area of economics, with the objective of placing the research in economics of the UC3M at a significant position on the international context. To this purpose, the IE, in close collaboration with the Economics Department, implements a variety of programs and activities intended to:

Provide incentives for quality research, and support the recruiting activities of Economics Department to facilitate attracting leading researchers.

Promote scientific exchanges, organizing seminars, conferences and scientific meetings, and facilitate the mobility of researchers.

Create and manage first quality graduate programs to train scientists and social leaders.

Assist researchers in the field of economics in communicating with public and private, national and European institutions, in order to promote their participation in competitive programs to finance the material and human resources needed in their research, as well as in managing their research projects.

Facilitate the dissemination of the scientific results, thereby contributing to the social and political debate.

On this webpage you will find detailed information about these activities.